I love having pets. Pets are such agreeable friends-they raise no arguments, they ask no questions and do not pass criticism. Who could ask for a better friend? I have a cat named Jacque and a puppy named Spyke. I love them both but at some point I think Spyke understands me a little bit more than Jacque.

My love for Spyke started when my uncle first gave him to me as a birthday gift. The way his eyes would stare at me with helplessness made me fall in love with him. He peed on my lap when I held him for the first time.

He is always the first person to welcome me after a long day. He jumps on me and makes me run all over the house as he chases me. He makes me feel like a baby trapped in an adult`s body as we play like little kids. He can tell when I'm in a not-so-good mood and when I'm in a so-very-great mood.
He is great company. I believe if Spyke was human, he would be my best friend!

When I'm down, I prefer talking to him even though he will not respond to anything I'm saying. I like the fact that he will never judge me for my actions. I feel completely comforted by his presence and his optimism in life gives me the morale to hope for brighter days. One can learn a lot from a dog… its loyalty, obedience, concern and love. They surely have a reason why they call it "man's best friend."

I also love Jacque, my cat. Someone once said that cats think of human beings as warm blooded furniture. I honestly believe that. They will find comfort on your lap. They will purr to lure you to caress their warm bodies. I like comparing cats to most ladies. They love themselves so much. If they were human, most of them world be in the fashion industry. I believe cats were created with a sense of fashion.

I'm also planning to have a parrot to echo everything my kids might be lying to me about. A parrot would be quite fun to have around, don`t you think? Their beauty fascinates me and their character amuses me. I want a pet that will reflect on who I am… interesting, fun, emotional, ever hungry and most of all, a great friend.

Yes, i love having pets for they complete me.


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