My Key to Escaping Reality and Entering Into a Different World

I love reading. If I need to kill say, a day's time, then I can do so comfortably by reading a book and I wouldn't have a boredom attack at all! I have a huge passion for reading, but it's quite sad that I have no recollection of how this passion started or developed into the enormous state that it's in today.

It must have something to do with all those books I received as a prize for ranking 1st, 2nd or 3rd in class in school. You see, our school had the habit of giving away books as prizes, in case of academic excellence or in case of competitions. I completely advocate this practice because it really does instill the habit of reading in children from a very young age.

If I had to choose between the options of reading a new bestseller and traveling to a new place, then I would pick the former option any day, such is my love for reading! I feel that books are a person's best friend, because they definitely teach a lot and impart a lot of knowledge.

Some of the lessons that I have picked up from reading books have stayed with me. In fact I occasionally quote from the books that I have read too. So in a way you can call me a "bookworm" but I love reading more than anything else in the world, and I don't intend to give up this hobby.

You'll always be able to find a huge bookshelf filled with all genres of books from romantic to action to thriller to comedy to tragedy. The type of book that I like to read depends on the mood I'm in; therefore I'm not really one of those avid readers who remain loyal to a single genre only.

My passion for reading has definitely rewarded me countlessly in many ways. I have picked up some of life's most valuable lessons just by reading books. In a way, it's a very enriching experience for me. At times, when I'm suffering from bouts of depressions because of work related stress or problems in relationships, I turn to my books for solace. They help me escape reality for some time and enter into a whole new world, almost like a paradise, and I feel as though I'm the protagonist who is living out the book in real life!


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